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Cromwell Racecourse

The Cromwell Races (hosted by the Otago Racing Club) have a following arguably unrivalled by any meeting in the South Island. After a long and tumultuous history, the Cromwell Jockey Club closed in the 1980s but the Central Lakes Equestrian Club, who co-ordinate activities at the picturesque course, together with the Otago Racing Club have built the profile of racing in the area up again to almost giddy heights.

Track details: A left handed 1600 metre track with a 350m straight.

Directions: Located close to the Cromwell junction (Queenstown side) of the Wanaka-Queenstown Highway. 2km from the Cromwell town centre.

Cromwell Racecourse
Queenstown-Wanaka Highway


Geographical Coordinates:
Latitude: -45.043, Longitude: 169.171

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